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A short introduction to federated learning

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Our digital footprint, meaning anything that we write, watch, read, post, listen to, and purchase on the internet, is a gold mine for industries looking to monitor and collect data. A recent TDS Podcast episode explored privacy within modern AI technologies, and how data-security policies are constantly in limbo. Jeremie Harris, the podcast host, talked with Eliano Marques, Executive VP of Data and AI at Protegrity. His insights ranged from private corporate initiatives to targeted advertisements to awareness surrounding privacy, and he provided excellent commentary on the education dedicated to teaching the public about what this all means. …


A collection of TDS articles about Wikipedia

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A few days ago, I came across this article by Nicola Melluso in the editing queue and was immediately intrigued — Wikipedia is the largest public platform for information in the world, yet I rarely encounter TDS articles that use this platform for various analyses, tutorials, etc. I sought to find and compile TDS articles and tutorials that expand on Wikipedia as a valuable resource and tool for data science projects.

Boosting Natural Language Processing with Wikipedia

Melluso’s post gives an excellent overview of using Wikipedia to improve NLP tasks like named-entity recognition and topic modeling.

“Wikipedia has been exploited as source of knowledge for more…

Reading List

Recent TDS articles that go above and beyond

Summer in Montreal, image by author.

As mentioned in my introduction piece, I am always on the lookout for TDS articles that connect the world of data science to some cultural artifact or trend, from consistencies in 19th century novels to a city’s public transportation network. While I find straightforward tutorials or speculations on the future of AI quite useful, I am always immediately drawn to pieces that make a connection to the “real world.” Below I have listed TDS pieces from the past two weeks that stood out to me especially.

The Perils of Palette Transfer by Syafiq Kamarul Azman

This long-form piece offers up an understanding of and tutorial for the digital replication…

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Hi, all! My name is Cait and I recently started working as an editor at Towards Data Science. As I don’t have an active presence on Medium besides my role at TDS, I thought I’d introduce myself and my background here.

I’m currently finishing up my degree in English at McGill University, and I am a journalist and editor by training. While my academic and professional experience lies in print and digital journalism, I am especially passionate about Digital Humanities and bridging the gap between technical knowledge and social/cultural issues. I believe that making complex concepts accessible and easily digestible…

Caitlin Kindig

Editor at Towards Data Science, she/her

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